An Evening in Venice

by Evgeny Lushpin, 2010
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Venice can be best appreciated at night. When the sky turns dark and there are only a few people in the street, that's when you can truly take in the beauty of this island city. "An Evening in Venice" takes you to this small, quiet part of Venice. As you look up above to the sky, you can see the crescent moon providing a small hint of glow to the city below. Tall buildings lie along this canal with lights turned on inside. There is a bell tower just at the middle of this painting and you imagine how awkward it would be if those bells ring in the middle of the night. You can see a lone gondolier traveling on the canal heading towards a short bridge in the distance. He may be probably heading home after a long day of work. Two gondolas are already parked in their owner's homes ready to go again first thing in the morning. This painting of Venice at night will surely give you that Italian feel.

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