Evening Tea Time

by Evgeny Lushpin, 2015
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This exquisite tea time painting captures the essence of evening as the hustle and bustle of the day begins to slow it’s rushed pace allowing family and friends to gather. As the light snow has fallen and night arrives, the cold of winter is warmed by the glow inside the riverboat. The couple’s evening tea time has begun and activities of their day can now be shared. Inside their cozy home, the light above the table shining gently to illuminate the room. Books have been placed on the cabinet shelves as the clock and photos adorn the walls. You can feel the warmth inside the home as the couple sits comfortably at the table, having shed their coats and scarves. The gentle glow through the window of the buildings and from the streetlamp allows just enough light for the pedestrians to make their way, perhaps home to enjoy their own tea time.

The uniqueness of this art is perfect as a new addition to your collection of den or kitchen art prints as a definite tea time picture to buy.

“Evening Tea Time” is certain to warm any room in your home or as a gift to a loved one to warm their home as well.

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