by Ilya Danshin, 2010
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This oil on canvas painting is a great addition to your home. It gives you a feeling of peace and serenity - something all of us truly need every day. As you stare into this painting, you feel like you're being transported to the outskirts of town. You're suddenly away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy and noisy city. It's a great escape towards nature. The sky is getting darker by the minute and you notice the moonlight softly radiating from the sky. You're on top of a hill and you feel the cool, evening breeze touch your face. It's very windy outside and you can see the leaves on the trees dancing and whistling. The tall grass on the hill is also swaying to the song of the wind. Just by looking at this view, you're warm is at ease and you feel more relaxed than ever.

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