Art of Romance


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Art of romance - Lushpin

Art of romance - this is what Lushpin’s artistic manner is called. Lushpin's work is incredibly realistic - his photo-like paintings can transport anyone to different places of the world. Evgeny Lushpin is an artist that catches the most precious moments and shows us more than meets the eye.

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Lushpin's masterpieces take you on an endless journey across the channels of old, historic towns and the very long avenues of famous cities in the world.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the perfect backdrop to any romantic gesture. To put a metaphorical spin on it, the bridge symbolizes the bridging of two people. This is why the name of the masterpiece is “Dream for two” (

Everything in this painting seems to speak the language of love. The slight tinge of redness in the sky, the beautiful city of New York in the background, a number of illuminating lights that resemble twinkling stars from afar, and the white sailboat slowly making its way through the river – all add up to a beautiful sight for the couple cuddled together on the bench.

Just look at the beauty of this cityscape painting. It showcases the artistic arches of the longest suspension bridge in history. The panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge is too amazing for words. Even the magnetizing Empire State building makes an appearance in the background. The sailboat reflects the wonderful city lights casting an illuminating glow. A spectacularly magnetizing view is conjured! After all, this masterpiece has love written all over it. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Surprise your sweetheart with this simple and romantic gift and watch his or her heart melt with delight.

Dream for Two

22" x 38"

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It's amazing how a video so short can have so much meaning. The way the video incorporates real-life clips make the artwork more meaningful.
Adding some scenes with real people and places really adds that touch of reality in the video. Although the video is short, it still speaks volumes about the beauty of the painting.
Too short, in my opinion. Still, the painting is so beautiful and very romantic. I also think this would be a good gift for one's wife or girlfriend.
The video is short yet seems so complete to me. I love how accurate the title of the video is, "The Art of Romance"
It's cool to see them add clips of real people and events in the video. It gives off a more realistic vibe, the couple seems so in love with each other which complements the painting itself.
Love the music in the background. It's so romantic and sweet. Although the video is short, I still appreciate the 32 seconds they put into this video.
I wish they could make this video longer. Aside from the boat moving, maybe add car lights moving as they cross the bridge? Just a suggestion.
Wow! Love the music. Really goes with the ambience of the video.