A Beautiful Christmas Song and Story (2019)


Christmas comes alive with this enchanting Christmas story and song.

To learn more about the artist, Evgeny Lushpin and the painting behind the song please visit https://lushpin.com/.

Christmas song is what you need when the holiday season is in full swing.

Is your Christmas playlist equipped with the right songs? We offer you, not only a timeless hit - the favorite Christmas song of many generations - but a story based on Lushpin’s “Coming home for Christmas” masterpiece.

The story is about a small girl who is playing near a nice Christmas tree. She got a present - a toy boat, but she doesn’t seem happy at all. Why?

You can find the answer in the “Coming home for Christmas” picture. The artist depicts a child sitting in front of a Christmas tree and a woman standing next to the table. Roofs and branches of the Christmas tree outside the house are covered with snow. There is smoke from the chimney and amazing colors of a sunset in the sky. The surroundings create a unique comfort in the room where the characters are waiting for a Christmas miracle. They are not waiting for Santa Claus to come, the child’s father hasn’t come yet.
Lushpin draws in the manner of hyper-realism. The slightest details are brilliantly conveyed, it seems that this is not a picture, but a photo. However, there is a big difference: Lushpin makes the landscape better than it actually is. The artist creates the ideal reality full of beauty you’ll never forget.

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You can look at the picture for hours and find new details.
This is the famous effect of all Lushpin paintings: they immerse the viewer in a waking dream. It is this hypnotic effect that makes you feel rested and calm. His pictures will not leave anyone indifferent.

In his “Coming home for Christmas” painting, warm yellow and red tones contrast with cool shades of blue. Our attention is drawn to the ship depicted in the picture. And there is another tip from the artist - the ship on the spire of the dome.

Maybe the one who’s not home is on the boat?

The small girl is playing with a boat - and in the next frame of our Christmas video we see a man standing in the boat. Is it her dream, or is it real? She brings the toy closer to her face and carefully examines it. The viewer sees the tense face of a man. Is he in a hurry?

Let this Christmas story have a happy ending! The child receives the best gift of all times: the girl’s father comes home for Christmas and we finally see the shining smile on her happy face!
We wish that every child’s dream will come true this Christmas. Give your children more attention and care during the holidays, don’t leave them waiting for love.

The favorite Christmas song of thousands is “Silent night”. When you listen it seems that angels are singing. We hope you’ll love the song.

Such performance is perfectly combined with the mood in the painting of Evgeny Lushpin’s “Coming home for Christmas” -

The Christmas song goes well with the aesthetics of the artist’s hyperrealism, recreates a dreamy mood, full of calm bright thoughts and hopes. At the end of the video, we see a canvas hanging above the fireplace. It creates a special comfort in the room, doesn’t it?

If you want to fill every night with good mood and romance, just hang the “Coming home for Christmas” picture in your room! It will make you more relaxed, help to recover from a busy day and find strength for new beginnings. Because it creates the atmosphere of love and happiness, and it seems that all your Christmas wishes will come true.

And don’t forget to play the Christmas song to enhance the marvelous effect.

Happy Holidays!


Coming Home for Christmas

32" x 20"

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Ohh silent Night holy night am I right 😄😄😄😏😕😕
Love the overall theme of this video. The painting is truly magnificent and represents Christmas really well. The video did justice, it gives you a warm feeling.
Definitely a great work of art. I wonder where the artist got his inspiration for this. The scene with the real people made the video even more welcoming to watch.
I love the feels this video gives me. The artwork is splendid and the video was spot on. The young girl is so cute, you can see her excitement while looking at the presents underneath the Christmas tree.
That little girl is so adorable, especially with how she looked at her dad as he entered the house. I think the dad was the one on the boat too and he just went home for Christmas. If that's the case, then that's so sweet.
The song perfectly fits the video overall. Since it's more about the painting, I wish that it's shown more often. Still, everything all fits.
The way that toddler looked at her father when we got home just melted my heart. It's great that this video added that part, it just completes the whole thing.
Love the background music, who doesn't? I particularly adore the part where the father opened the door and the little girl looked at him with her eyes twinkling with happiness.
The young girl looks so pretty, I can definitely imagine her being the girl in the painting. It's really mesmerizing to see the person on the boar, it all fits!
What a cool video. I wish I could've seen this on Christmas, it would have really made my day and maybe have shared it with others too. Will go back to this video next Christmas!
Can it be Christmas everyday?