A Romantic Evening in Paris – Parisian Music & Art


A unique look into the romantic lifestyle of Paris, France.

To learn more about the artist, Evgeny Lushpin and the painting behind the song please visit https://lushpin.com/.

Romantic Evening in Paris - is there anything better? Paris is called the city of love. You can find inspiration in everything! There are nice and cozy balconies with blooming flowers and narrow paved streets of the historic center, spouting fountains and petanque players in the parks. All of this creates a very special air of the city. How easy it is to fall in love with Paris, and even easier to fall in love in Paris! The charm and elegance of the city give romantic feelings that make you giddy.

However, Paris is also the capital of arts: it has been attracting artists and musicians from all over the world for centuries, not only in picturesque views, but in the city's open and creative atmosphere.

That is why the first FineArtFarm video is about Paris. This is a new experimental genre, dedicated not to the city, but to a work of art inspired by it. It's about the picture by the famous Evgeny Lushpin, who draws in the manner of hyper-realism. Take a look at his work! The slightest details are brilliantly conveyed, it seems that this is not a picture, but a photo. However, there is a big difference: Lushpin makes the urban landscape better than it actually is. The artist creates the ideal reality, the city of dreams.
For more information on the artist's paintings, please visit https://lushpin.com/.

In such an ideal Paris, we see the characters of the video. A young loving couple is shown at a moment of intimacy. They are placed in the picture by Evgeny Lushpin's “Paris Evening Deja vu” - https://lushpin.com/works/paris-eveni....

Let's live this romantic evening with them! Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this evening: the tart taste of wine on the balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower, the deep aroma of roses at sunset, solitude in the heart of the bustling city. Calm colors of the picture pacify and relax. Shades of blue subtly convey evening freshness at the end of a hot day. Thanks to meticulously written details, it seems that you can reach out and take a glass from the table. How easy it is to imagine yourself on this balcony with a beautiful view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Music creates a romantic mood. The video uses the popular love song autumn leaves (Joseph Kosma / Jacqes Prevert) played in lounge jazz. The track is divided into two parts, the slow and moving one begins with the dance of the beloved couple.
In the window the lights go out, a pair of lovers dance by candlelight. Their dance consists of gentle gestures and glances. There is no drama or tension, not even coquetry. It is a dance of understanding and support, acceptance and tenderness. The smooth jazz suggests that this couple’s relationship is full of true love.

You are embraced by the desire to hug your loved one, to say words of tenderness and gratitude, aren’t you? It is natural to feel strong emotions while looking at a Lushpin masterpiece. It is as if you were walking in the morning along the cobbled streets of Montmartre and had dinner in a cozy street cafe. Lushpin's picture perfectly conveys the romantic atmosphere of the evening. Looking at it gives a feeling of deja vu. Is it a dream? Have I been in love or do I feel it now for the first time?
This is the famous effect of all Lushpin paintings: they immerse the viewer in a waking dream. It is this hypnotic effect that makes you feel rested and calm. His pictures will not leave anyone indifferent.

Relaxed jazz goes well with the aesthetics of the artist’s hyperrealism, recreates a dreamy mood, full of calm bright thoughts and hopes. Therefore, it sounds even when the dance of the characters goes to the end. A created romantic mood now accompanies the picture. At the end of the video, we see a canvas hanging above the fireplace. It creates a special comfort in the room, doesn’t it?

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And if you want to fill every night with good mood and romance, just hang the “Paris Evening Deja Vu” picture in your room! It will make you more relaxed, help to recover from a busy day and find strength for new beginnings. Because it creates the atmosphere of love and happiness, just like a romantic evening in Paris.


Paris Evening Deja Vu

36" x 26"

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Wow, I didn't even realize that this featured the same painting as the one I saw earlier. I was just so into watching, and it really didn't feel like the video repeated as it provided a very different viewing experiences thanks to the change in music.
I prefer this video more than the other because it goes really well with the artwork. The painting is sweet, calming, and romantic, and I think the video should reflect that too.
Same painting but with a twist, I still feel like it's a different thing though. The music in this one is a bit sweeter than the other one, making it more romantic.
I think this painting would go with just about any type of music. Paris is such a beautiful city and should be celebrated in all ways possible.
I'm not sure if I like this one more than the other video with the same painting. Both gives off a totally different vibe, one is upbeat and happy, then the other is slow and sweet. Both love it!
Same painting but with a different background music. You'd think that that's all there is to it, but you'd be amazed by how much different this one is from the other one.
The music in this one is more intimate than the other one which was more upbeat. It's great to see how changing the background music can make you feel a whole different thing.
Another video of the earlier painting I viewed but with different music. It's not a bad thing though, the variety in music makes the vibe of the whole video different. I love it!