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This romantic and calming instrumental is sure to set the mood.

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Creation video shows the stages of the artist’s work, the changes the sketch undergoes before it becomes a complete masterpiece. While chasing perfection, the artist seeks the best size and location of objects, the perfect shades and colors. This hard work leads to a peerless result: the image is so realistic that it literally becomes alive.

Evgeny Lushpin draws in the manner of hyper-realism. The slightest details are brilliantly conveyed, it seems that this is not a picture, but a photo. However, there is a big difference: Lushpin makes the landscape better than it actually is. The artist creates the ideal reality full of beauty you’ll never forget.

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In Lushpin’s “Coming home for Christmas”

It is easy to feel the wind that drives the clouds, to watch the ship sailing, to imagine the smile of a child waiting for Christmas to come. That is why the creation video is full of animation.
The revived painting is perfectly combined with the touching “Ballade pour Adeline” - music by Richard Clayderman.

The “Ballade pour Adeline” goes well with the aesthetics of the artist’s hyperrealism, recreates a dreamy mood, full of calm, bright thoughts and hopes.





Coming Home for Christmas

32" x 20"

MoreFrom $ 1600


I love everything about Venice, it's buildings, it's natural wonders, and their music! This painting really shows how wonderful Venice is. Great work!
I really love the background music of this video. It goes really well with the artwork and the overall theme. The scenery is nice, anyone knows which place this is?
Winter paintings are really great to look at. They make you warm and fuzzy inside, especially the way the artist drew a family preparing for Christmas dinner.
Love how the painting sort of tells a story about Christmas and family. It's cool that they show how it got created, amazing!
I wish I could live in a house with that kind of view! What a great painting, it's a mixture of nature, Christmas, and family.
As I was watching the video, I thought this was more like a nature painting than a Christmas painting. That just goes to show that starting of an artwork can go in many different directions, and I love how this became a Christmas painting.
The background scenery in this painting is so mesmerizing. Where is this place? Is it real? The mountains and the lake look so enchanting to the eye, the snow makes it even more so.
What a great painting! It surely fits in as a Christmas gift. It also feels like it's telling a story of how mom is preparing their Christmas dinner, a kid who's patiently waiting to open the gifts, and a hardworking father who's finishing his job before joining his family.
I think I saw this painting before on the Lushpin website. It's so cool to see how it was created step by step. It would be nice to maybe see Evgeny himself drawing it though.
I need to listen more