Last Summer in Venice (Pourcel) - Golden Moment (Lushpin)


Music by Franck Pourcel
Painting by Evgeny Lushpin

Look at how peaceful the street is. The chills of a winter night possibly made people go back home. Yup. This is a winter painting. You will notice that the tower in the background is enclosed in fog due to the cold temperature. With no one walking around, the painting looks really quiet and peaceful. The gondola quietly parked out by the river is a nice move by the artist. The bridge over the river also helped with the painting's aesthetic. The best part about this painting is that it will work well in any room. It can help improve any vibe and mood in a room. The warm golden tone prominent in the painting adds a cheery feel.

Lushpin's work is incredibly realistic - his photo-like paintings can transport anyone to different places of the world. Evgeny Lushpin is an artist that catches the most precious and romantic moments and shows us more than meets the eye.

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Golden Moment

34" x 24"

MoreFrom $ 2000


esto es una joya artistica, para mi el mejor de todos, aparte de una obra de arte una maravilla, los detalles la perfeccion, la belleza
I love everything about Venice, it's buildings, it's natural wonders, and their music! This painting really shows how wonderful Venice is. Great work!
Venice is such a beautiful city, and this artwork video truly captured it. It amazing to see how accurate the reflection in the water is and how the lights from inside the building shines from the outside.
Wow, this painting is just lovely! The video really makes me appreciate it even more. It's like revisiting Venice again and again.
Travelling to Venice has been really one of my dreams. I hope to visit there this year and see just how magical the place is as seen in this painting!
I'm a big fan of artworks with bodies of water in it. It's just really calming to see the reflection shown in the water, just like in this one. Another thing that I loved is how the lights make the whole painting look so real.
The lights in this painting really stands out. Even the reflection in the water looks so real! This painting would definitely look great in a gold frame.
Amazing work by an amazing artist. This artwork really shows the simple yet, at the same time, extravagant beauty of Venice. Makes me want to fly there right now!