Music to help you focus at work and while studying (Animated Painting and Unchained Melody)


Music that will increase your ability to focus on work and studying.
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Studies show that listening to concentration Music (for work and study) is ideal for:
- Increasing focus
- Reducing stress
- Writing
- Attention
- Problem-solving
- Homework
- Exam preparation
- Studying for school
- Mood enhancement
- Memorization

"A little story" by artist, Evgeny Lushpin.
Music by Franck Pourcel
In a small street lined up by a couple of beautiful buildings, you will notice the silhouette of a cat with owner in the window at the middle of the painting, serving as a focal point. Probably checking if the rain has already ended. Kind of remind you of a scene in Breakfast in Tiffany's, right? Unfortunately the rain has not yet stopped, as you can see from the dark shadow looming in the background the lady still using her umbrella. The rainy night in this part of town is not dark and dreary. Thanks to the evening lights, the painting become lighthearted, pleasing, and warm. Using this masterpiece in a beautiful hallway will give life and glow to your home. Its versatile style, however, can be placed anywhere you please.
Lushpin's work is incredibly realistic - his photo-like paintings can transport anyone to different places of the world. Evgeny Lushpin is an artist that catches the most precious and romantic moments and shows us more than meets the eye.


A Little Story

20" x 30"

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The artwork is gorgeous, there's just so much happening at one time that you'll think they're all connected somehow. Is this a real street? If it is, then it's done really well. Love it!
The painting itself is gorgeous. What made it even more awesome was how the video portrayed it. Good music in the background and good animation.
It's amazing how just a change in the music gives off a different vibe. This music makes the video with the artwork feel like a story is being told, it's awesome.
I agree with the other comments. The music used for this video complements the artwork more than the other one. Love it!
This video really piques my interest. I believe this was the same painting as the other one but with a different background music. I must say that this one is much better.
Love how you can see the raindrops falling, it feels so surreal. I wonder if this is a real place, might be worth visiting while listening to this music.
Same painting as the other one I saw a while ago, but with a different background music. It gives off a different vibe. Somehow, the painting is like telling a story... maybe about the girl and her cat?