You don't know - Rooftop Hideout


Painting by Evgeny Lushpin

Look at how peaceful the street is. The chills of a winter night possibly made people go back home. Yup. This is a winter painting. You will notice that the tower in the background is enclosed in fog due to the cold temperature. With no one walking around, the painting looks really quiet and peaceful. The gondola quietly parked out by the river is a nice move by the artist. The bridge over the river also helped with the painting's aesthetic. The best part about this painting is that it will work well in any room. It can help improve any vibe and mood in a room. The warm golden tone prominent in the painting adds a cheery feel.

Lushpin's work is incredibly realistic - his photo-like paintings can transport anyone to different places of the world. Evgeny Lushpin is an artist that catches the most precious and romantic moments and shows us more than meets the eye.

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Rooftop Hideout

27" x 24"

MoreFrom $ 2500


I wonder why this video is titled "You Don't Know", is there a story behind it or some sort of hidden message? Maybe it's the mysterious aura that the painting gives off, or maybe because the day is just about to start that you don't know what'll happen next.
What a beautiful painting! I'm a big fan of artworks that have a mix of both light and dark. It's like a magical themed painting which makes you feel like a child again.
I love how this painting is enhanced by this video. The way the city looked so calm just before the morning starts is perfectly captured.
This painting really is gorgeous. The city portrayed in this looks so peaceful yet mysterious at the same time. It's like there's magic in the works in this artwork.
What a beautiful work of art. I love how the lights from inside the building look so realistic, as well as the cityscape in the background.
The artist of this painting really plays with light and dark, and it's amazing! It feels more like a photo than a painting, to be honest. Great job!
I love how mysterious the city in this painting is. Was it early morning or dusk? Still, that rooftop looks gorgeous with all the plants there though.
I can't even tell if this was really a painting or not. The way the "video cam" pans into the scene was too realistic. Love the background music too, it gives off a dancing vibe.