Conversation with a Crow

by Yulia Jeltuhin, 2015
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This portrait for sale tells a story about a woman talking to a crow. It may seem weird at first, but as you stare at it for a few minutes, you start to wonder what kind of things they’re talking about. In this oil portrait for sale, the wide array of colors captivate your eyes. It’s a great painting to brighten up the room. The woman’s hair is a mixture of yellows, oranges, and reds which clearly depicts her fierce nature. She’s not afraid of anything and, although she wears a purple mask, her eyes seem to stare deep into your soul. A crow is on her shoulders with its beak pointing towards her left ear. The crow is trying to tell her something and it has captured her attention. This art portrait for sale is, without a doubt, one you should get for your own.

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