Yulia Jeltuhin

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Yulia is a passionate world traveler. Her work has a European feel. Every place has a soul, according to her strong belief and experiences. Yulia tries to find the spirit on every street she ever walked on and transform it into her art, bring it to live on her canvases. Oil is Yulia’s favorite media.

She derives her inspiration from her life experiences, places she has seen, faces have has passed on a street, on a path, etc., music she had heart.

Yulia has a great respect for performance artists, street musicians, street performers. Throughout the history, there have always been people sharing their art with people on the street. Many of Yulia’s pieces reflect the spirit of places through the performers, it could be musicians, lonely saxophone, for example, or a quartet, or a club juggler on stilts.

Yulia has always been fascinated by the puppetry, that ancient art form of storytelling, self-expressing through dolls. According to Yulia, each puppet carries a soul of its creator, is unique and precious. Yulia has a whole series called ” puppets”.

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Current works

Archived works