To the End on the Earth

by Yulia Jeltuhin, 2017
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This modern landscape art is a gorgeous painting to hang on your wall. If you’re all about meaningful art, then this painting is just for you. Somewhere in Iceland, you see five stilts walkers walking along a small island covered in green gas. They’re up on the rocky volcano top and across it, you can see the big, beautiful ocean below blending well with the clear, blue sky. The stilts walkers all have different and unique costumes that come in different colors and designs. They travel along a path on the island and, from your point of view, it’s as if they’re going on a journey to the unknown. It’s exciting yet scary at the same time. However, when you look at the five’s movement, it’s like they’re not afraid of the unknown, but rather they’re excited to go “To The Ends of the Earth”.

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