Snow Carousel Ride

by Yulia Jeltuhin, 2015
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Who doesn't smile at the scene of a spinning carousel in an open-air park? It is dusk and the lights are coming on. Heavy snow is falling. Everything spins, and you are free to imagine figures riding the carousel, whether real or fantasy. Hop on for an adventure! Life is a carousel ride. The painting will look great over the fireplace or in a dining formal room. It will go well with abstract decor as well as a modern one. It will look well in a bright room as well as in soft evening hues. How many of us grew up in one climate, and then ended up on the other end of the world? Yulia's winter series is for those of you, who deep down are nostalgic for the beautiful winter wonderland of our childhood and youth.  These paintings will add a feeling of freshness to any room throughout the house. Some might like to have them in the bedroom in order to wake up and have the warm feeling of sweet youth go through their senses. Others might like them over a fireplace for that never ending feeling of home coziness and comfort and the satisfying feeling of security.

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