Dream for Two


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Dream for two Romantic video is a must see

“Dream for two” is a masterpiece of the famous artist Evgeny Lushpin https://lushpin.com/works/dream-for-two. The Brooklyn Bridge depicted in this painting is the perfect backdrop to any romantic gesture. To put a metaphorical spin to it, the bridge symbolizes the bridging of two people.

Everything in this painting seems to speak the language of love and romance. The slight tinge of redness in the sky, the beautiful city of New York in the background, a number of illuminating lights resemble twinkling stars from afar, and the white sailboat slowly making its way through the river – all add up to make a beautiful sight for the couple cuddled together on the bench.

Just look at the beauty of this cityscape painting. It showcases the artistic arches of the longest suspension bridge in history. The panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge is too amazing for words. Even the magnetizing Empire State building makes an appearance in the background. The sailboat reflects the wonderful city lights casting an illuminating glow. A spectacularly magnetizing view is conjured! After all, this masterpiece has love written all over it. Remember, a picture says a thousand words.

Surprise your sweetheart with this simple and romantic gift and watch his or her heart melt with delight.

Lushpin's work is incredibly realistic - his photo-like paintings can transport anyone to different places of the world. Evgeny Lushpin is an artist that catches the most precious and romantic moments and shows us more than meets the eye.

To learn more about Lushpin and his paintings, please visit https://lushpin.com/.

The revived painting is perfectly combined with the touching “Aline” - music by Richard Clayderman. It goes well with the aesthetics of the artist’s romantic hyperrealism, recreates a dreamy mood, full of calm, bright thoughts and a dream for two.

Dream for Two

22" x 38"

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New York is a very busy city, but when you sit on a bench like that and look up at the sky, everything becomes peaceful. That's how magical paintings like these are, they're a great way for you to relax.
This painting is so lovely. It's about a couple admiring the view of from the bench just beside the bridge. The skyscrapers are done so wonderfully.
New York is so magnificent especially at night. The way the lights from the skyscrapers stand out from the dark sky is so magical. Love how the painting captures its beauty.
The artist really used a good perspective in this painting. You can see and appreciate the beauty of New York in the whole painting. The bridge, the skyscrapers, and even the light and dark aspect of it is so lovely to see.
Wow, what a beautiful painting! New York is such a sight to see at night, and this artwork really captures that beauty.
Is this in NYC? I'm so captivated by how accurate the artist is in portraying the bridge and the NY skyscrapers. It's also cool that there's a couple sitting on a bench, just looking up at the bridge.
How does Evgeny create such magnificent works of art?! This creation process really shows you how he started of by just sketching the outline then coloring it in, then putting all the details in place. Is he a wizard? I bet he is.
Oh wow, it's a painting of New York! It looks so realistic, from the skyscrapers to the bridge, and the benches where the couple sits. Truly great work!
I love how the video started of with showing the real thing then how it transitioned to the creation process. Still amazed by how Evgeny Lushpin creates his beautiful artworks!
like it
Loved the video. So romantic <3